Locked Up !

No, not me, the Cave !

Making the most of my last block of days off and the fact that most of these jobs could be done by one person, I got stuck into it and here is the result.

Cutting in the doorway required removing a couple of sheets either side of the opening so the wall girts could be 'coaxed' into their final position. No top door jamb brackets were supplied so it was off to local hardware, again.

Pre hung doors, gotta' luv'em!, dropped straight in first go. A hand full of tek screws later and it's in.

Cut a piece of cladding to go above the door, refit the wall sheets, another days work to add guttering and down pipes and there you go!

Here's the view from the back and the side wall now replaces the fence. Neighbour's happy as his veggie patch is 6" wider. The old fence frame will come down - one day!

The hardest part of the cladding stage (and the producer of the most naughty words) was trimming the gable flashing off vertical with the edge of the guttering with snips. The DVD made it look so flamin' easy. I even have scars!

Next stage will be a roughing out of the electricals. My electrician is also a keen railway modeller and is building a 6M x 10M layout room himself, at least we will be speaking the same language when it come to explaining what my needs are.

Then comes the insulation, lining, painting, flooring and air conditioning - now I'm depressed again. I thought it was time to start some benchwork !