Modelling the Railways of NSW Convention 29 -2012

Detailsof the convention can be found at http://mrnsw.blogspot.com.au/

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Welcome 2012....shall we try that again !

Yeah I know, New Years was last month, but everything else has been running on a late table lately....

Even though the dust from 2011 has not quite settled yet I have forced myself back to the workbench in an effort to do something that does not involve solicitors, probate and certified copies of just about any document you care to name. It's not over yet, but the end is in sight at last.

So what's been happening? The Cave has ground to a resounding halt, this is particularly depressing as the one thing I didn't want to happen has, I have been forced by circumstance to partially fill it with "stuff". The wiring has been roughed in, this insulation is now finished but unfortunately there is not enough space for the gyprockers' to do there thing. I hope to rectify this over the coming months. Stay tuned.

I am trying to finish off a number of partly completed projects at the moment, all of which are for other people, I appreciate their patience. This is a strange collection of projects which includes a DJH OO scale LNER A3 Pacific, usually referred to (incorrectly I'm told) as a 'Scottsman'. Although built with a coat of green I am applying decals and other decorations. Also finishing off a partly rebuilt Lima 42 class, this will include detail items and paint work. Why you ask ?, because this model has particular sentimental value to the owner that a new 42 cannot replace.

The other project is an Antons Trains double boiler house which will eventually reside at Kankool on Werris Ck. This model forms part of the "Adopt a Station" programme amongst the Friday night Ramblers. I have built a few small structures over the years but this is by far the most ambitious.

Another fairly significant point I believe that I have reached is deciding on what 'format' my layout will take and maybe even a name for it. I have agonised for so long and changed my mind so may times that getting to a point where I have stopped changing my mind is even significant !
In short, it will be a single line, double deck layout with two opposing peninsulas.
The two levels will be connected by single long gradient which, at the halfway point, will have a crossing facility based on Dombarton, found on the Unanderra - Moss Vale line on the NSW Sth Coast. This is significant to me because I ran over this line for may years and even sat my Class 1 Enginemans exam whilst waiting to cross a train there. It will also provide a basis for bank engine working as well.
I use the term 'based on' because the location of the layout will be fictitious whilst trying to capture different aspects of various areas I worked trains over.
A major station on the layout will include features found at Thirroul over the years, but not exactly. A station, loco depot, yard and colliery in close proximity with a signal box at each end.
The lower level will have a coastal feel while the upper level will be more arid or western. The only feature I have decided on up there is that a terminus station based on Gwabegar will feature.
As for a name, Cambewarra Range.... at this stage. What if the link to the south west was a right turn at Bomaderry instead of Unanderra?? This area has some great locality names and a mine or two, it's also a favorite holiday destination of ours as well. I like the idea of having a connection to the area of choice when modelling.

Looking forward to some progress this year and whatever challenges it throws up. Glad to see the back of 2011 and hoping to be able to put most of it behind me. Thanks again to those of you who supported me through it. I look forward to following your progress as well this year.