Sometimes a hard thing to measure in this hobby of ours.

Whilst this is my first post in over 4 months some things have still been happening. The LLC & W workshops have been rather quiet with only a few minor jobs, that didn't even rate a post, passing over the bench. Be assured though that I continue to read the blogs of fellow modellers with much interest and just a little envy of your progress and achievements. They have been and continue to be an inspiration.

Whilst I am blessed with a '4 on, 4 off' job, a big chunk of my '4 off' is taken up caring for my aged parents. Things haven't, and won't, improve on that front and I am not looking forward to the months ahead.

The Cave has not progressed past the construction stage (see last post) but I have finally pinned my electrician (also a keen modeller) down t0 a date in early Feb to come and start the wiring. Once that is roughed in I can install the insulation and think about sheeting with gyprock (drywall to my U.S. friends!). There will be an air conditioner in there somewhere as well to cater for our ever, seemingly, psychotic climate. Whether I can afford to turn it on remains to be seen! What a great idea privatising our power was !

I have also been working on some track plan 'concepts' with the help of friends and fellow bloggers which has been an incredible help as I have never pinned down a length of track in my life and it has allowed me to start visualising what the end product may resemble. Whilst I have accumulated a fairly healthy inventory of prototype knowledge, translating that into something that can be modelled is a completely different matter and set of skills.

I have also purchased a NSW outline #7 point jig from Fast Tracks, courtesy of Gwyder Valley, and some supplies for point building. I have also decided on code 70 ME track and have ordered a rather ridiculous amount direct from Walthers while the AUD is at it's prime (and the track is on special!) and placed other items on a 'wish list' for future damage.

So while my new Runway 13 air brush has not had a drop of paint through it since purchased at Liverpool last year I'm going to venture out on a limb and say "Yep, I've been doin' a bit" and I'll even call it progress !