Goodbye Dad

In the early hours of last Tuesday morning my Dad's 8 year battle with cancer came to a peaceful end.

Today my family and I, along with a few friends, said our last goodbyes.

In a beautiful service, which was led by our pastor, we celebrated the life of a quiet achiever who had packed a lot of living into one lifetime.

I was able to get through a eulogy, although it was a struggle towards the end. It highlighted a truly Australian story of someone growing up during the depression years. In one of the proudest moments of my life, my two children spoke of the fond memories they had and the influence that their Pop had had on their lives. A musical and vocal tribute of "What a Wonderful World" was delivered by a family friend over a slide show of images from the 1940's to Christmas last year. There were not too may dry eyes in the chapel.

Another railway man has clocked off for the last time. I will miss you Dad.

Roy Laker 24/7/1924 - 24/5/2011 (86)
(Eveleigh Locomotive Workshops 1961 - 1989)