Getting out of my comfort zone.

This is intended to be a place to showcase my efforts at the "workshop". Over a period of time I hope to post on current and past projects and hopefully generate a bit of discussion and answer questions, also to encourage others to set up a "workshop". It will also force me to 'up the ante' on my photography skills as well.

It will also be a place to have a bit of a ramble (no, not the Friday night kind), comment on whatever happens to be relevant to the hobby at the time and perhaps quash a rumor or two.

Whilst being a strong supporter of the current RTR climate that has surged through the market place in the last few years I am also a strong proponent of the BYO (Build Your Own) market as well and promoting the skills that go with it. They must be preserved and the kit manufacturers that feed this aspect of the hobby must be supported.

I have gained enormous satisfaction over the years building everything from an S truck to an AD60. I have never built a layout ( but hope to one day), but have been involved in the hobby, in one way or another, for around 35 years. I have made some great mates over the years (one of whom came up with the name for this blog without realising it at the time) and believe that our hobby fosters friendships by it's very nature. I've had the privilege to operate on some iconic layouts, be a part of the exhibition scene (the highs and lows) and contribute to the convention circuit as well. It has been quite a ride, hopefully it's not over yet.

This blog is definitely uncharted territory, I don't like anything I can't fix with a box of tools and computers absolutely come under that umbrella.

If I have a concern, other than my computer letting me down, it would be that this blog takes up valuable modelling time.

Let's see what happens.


  1. Gary,

    Good luck with the blogging. The intention of the blog sounds a bit different to many of the model railway blogs that concentrate on just an individual layout (which is fine). Looking out for those tips and workshop highlights.


  2. Thanks Brad, I will try not to dissapoint !