Cave update

Couple of progress pics from the cave project.

After knocking over the formwork in a day, the back filling started. The slope of the block was greater than I had guess-t-mated so this entailed extra form work and steel as well as a healthy amount of back fill material so as not to take out a second mortgage for concrete.

Cost to date:
Shed (walls, roof, ent door, guttering etc, gyprock batons and roof insulation - $5400
Timber for formwork and other hardware - $650
Roll of plastic - $75
Steel reo and other bits - $595
Fill material (approx 8 ton) - 1 carton of Carlton Cold + delivery $75 ??

According to an online concrete calculator Im up for about 8 cubic meters of concrete.

You can tell by the length of the shadows in the last pic this was a loooooong day. I'm going inside for a shower and something cold !!!


  1. Great stuff Gary, enjoy the cold one looks like you've earnt it!

  2. Gary, could you drop me an e-mail with your mailing addy, please?


    Gracias! and Feliz Navidad!