32?? (Current project)

This is my current project (for someone else), an NSWGR 32(P) class DJH kit. Since this pic was taken more detail has been added to the boiler/smoke box, mostly handrails and and other plumbing.

The loco will be fitted with a Tsunami sound decoder (light steam) and a 'Mega Bass' speaker. I just finished measuring up the tender and the speaker should fit ok. The speaker decoder combo was recommended by Mr Spencer-Salt from MRRC at Blacktown and I can't wait to get it installed and start fine tuning. It will probably have some working lights as well. This 'P' will eventually be finished in the NSW maroon and lined livery and will be a 'named' engine.

Stay tuned....regular updates will be attempted !!!

(PS It was quite disturbing how smoothly this post went, must have been holding my tongue the right way this time ?? Thanks for the help Ray ! - Notice the link !! woohoo)


  1. Gary I just found your Blog,really a great read. I have a DJH 32 in the cupboard, as I'm just in the process of building a Z13. I will definitely have some questions for you down the track! Geoff.

  2. Thanks Geoff, glad you are enjoying it. I was planning something for 1307 next. Will be standing-by !