I have just spent several hours trying to do what should, by all accounts, be a relatively simple task, uploading and placing images on a blog.

I am giving up now, due to the risk of irreparable damage being done to my computer due to sheer frustration. I even managed to get some text and HTML code mixed up, hence to odd coloured paragraph that thinks its a picture !

As you can see I have changed the template to full screen, which is ok, but I just cannot get the pics to go where I want them. They always end up at the top of post and the size of a table cloth !! The thumbnails work ok but I just want the image, without the all the other photobucket website stuff that goes with the thumbnail, and a nice sized pic on the blog that every other blog I look at seems to be able to do ! - I'm over it already....


  1. Gary,

    I had the same problem with Blogger now I use Windows Live Writer - a free download from Microsoft to format the text and pictures and then the program loads the page onto my blog. All I have to do is add tags.



  2. Thanks Iain. I will persevere for a while and put Live Writer on standby!