The first step

I received a large envelope in the mail this morning bearing the Wollongong City Council logo on the front. With much trepidation I opened it up and carefully examined the contents. It contained the Development Application Consent and associated construction certificate paperwork for the Colourbond cave !!

No restrictions, or objections, to building right on the boundary and only a few realistic requirements for building in a bush fire prone area. Mind you some of the jargon and terminology may as well be written in ancient Hebrew for all the sense it make to me but I will persevere and seek 'council' from those more enlightened in such things.

This is going to take a little time to get my head around the fact that I may have a shed by the end of the year. Think I will go and give my FairDinkum supplier a call with the good news, I'm sure he will be impressed!

So it begins.....