From the paint shop (Plow vans 2)

From my previous plow van post here is the just about finished items plus NQOY kit from Casula Hobbies (waiting on decals for it).

The two plow vans actually share the same coding (NZBF) but are from different periods. The blue one being the later version. This was finished in Railey Paints FreightRail Blue enamel and Bakers Grotty Black enamel with the handrails done in Floquil Reefer White laquer and finished off with Dulcote.

The older plow was finished in Bakers PerWay Cream and Old Black enamel and weathered with a mix Humbrol brown and a dash of orange for that western NSW look, as per the supplied photo in the kit. All the handrails and roof plumbing are scratch built from .05 brass wire and primed with etch primer first. The NQOY was grey primed first, then some Grotty Black, some FreightRail Blue and weathered with Humbrol brown. After decaling it will be Dulcoted.

Hopefully now I can get stuck into the 32 and get it into service!

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