Its arrived !!!

Just after I said "not much to report" it's turned up! Crawled into bed just after 7am, after night shift and about 7.30 Francine says "I think your shed's here" Well that's worth getting up for!...I think?

Well that's it, can't say I can see 5 1/2 K in that little pile of bits but time will tell. I should mention that there is an entry door kit, 4 boxes of hardware and the insulation just out of shot, but still! Now where did I leave that concrete trowel??


  1. Gary,

    Great News about delivery of the shed. So when does the concrete go down? How do you get power to it? Will you need water as well for a sink or kettle? Do you plan on having some crew accomodation in the shed. I know I get ridiculed as my crew accomodation shrunk to partically nothing as my layout expanded. I get reminded whenever the Tuesday Nighters visit.


  2. Hi Craig,

    Formwork should start on Mon, weather permitting. Shed will be situated about 4.5 M from the house so a bit of trenching to run some conduit. Tap is about the same distance so that will do for water at this stage. Crew 'lounge'...not something I had considered. When I work out some bench heights there may be a spot to slide an old sofa under??? There will be an under layout work bench somewhere though.

  3. Gary, I hope that the instructios will be read over several times before starting... Naaah! We men instinctively know 'how to' for everything that requires the use of a multigrip or screwdriver! Honestly, I hope it all goes well for you. Oh yeah, we rarely pick on Craig about room to move aroud his Shed. Really! We just have a great roster system for the order we file into the room with, and make sure one of us is close to the coffee, then the next person adds the sugar...you get the idea. Then there's the need to plan ahead which way you want to be facing around the back of the layout and make sure you're facing the right way as you walk in! Of course we do all this without a moments complaint to Craig.

  4. Hi Gary,
    The models look easier!....Good Luck