"I have a dream".....and now I have a slab to build it on!!!

2 concretors, 6 'volunteers', 4 wheel barrows and 6.8 cubic metres of concrete later....the slab lives!

6.30am...beep,beep,beep etc, this can't be happening.....it's slab day......must.......get......up! Didn't get home from Ron's till 12.30am,.......must.........get.......up! Slowly reality kicks in, noise outside, crikey! concretors already here!

Walk, more like stagger, to back door, geez' it's dark out there? Overcast bigtime! Short conversation with concretor "Might rain mate" Noooooooooooooooooooooo! Not today! "We'll give it half an hour". Tick tick tick tick, longest half hour of my life to date! No rain. YES! Concrete confirmed, 'volunteers' onsite, wheel barrows serviceable. Tick tick tick tick, wheres the bloody concrete? Tick tick tick tick. I know, I'll put the kettle on etc, etc. 8.45 am, what's that noise ?, sound like a truck, a big truck, yep. Lets do this!

Form a queue at the back of the concrete truck, first load done....down comes the rain!

First barrow load.......also coincides with rain starting.

Last barrow load......note plastic covering slab to stop rain damage. 20" after last barrow was tipped the rain stopped!

Plastic off, start floating. By 4.00pm the formwork was off. Two week wait now for a good cure before I can start drilling into the slab to fix dyna-bolts and begin putting the 'Mecano' set together.


  1. Gary,
    we have finally some concrete evidence of your new shed.
    What percentage of the floor space will you be getting? All 100%?

  2. Gary

    Rain? What rain?

    Nothing here at Menai all day!

    Congratulations, now get out the chalk and start drawing the layout on the floor.

    Seriously though, my not aching back thanks you for leaving me off the 'volunteers' list.

    Ray P

  3. Craig
    My sentiments exactly!!
    Aiming for 100%, still under negotiation ;-)
    Don't you worry, plenty more to do!

  4. Gary,
    Nice slab can't see any layout yet he he.
    Bob Lynch