3265 - Ex the Paint Shop

A couple of pics of the finished paint job.

I think this paint job was more difficult than 3822 (from a previous post) because the the 32 is a physically smaller loco and has more plumbing to work around. When it came to masking up it was just that much harder because of its size. Doing the boiler bands in sections was difficult when it came to lining up the short sections in a nice straight line.

All that remains now is a coal load and some tender tools, a crew and a test run on Bylong.

In the next post(s) I will cover the 'process' that I use to paint white metal.
(Sorry Geoff, this has been a long time coming and I realise I'm doing a 'backflip' but after a rethink I decided to make a post of it.)


  1. Gary,

    That looks very very nice indeed. I wish I could paint more than one colour!


  2. Gary,
    Nice job, looks like shes on a 60ft trackless turntable.

  3. Gary, the paint job is a credit to you. The finish looks terrific. I love the brown colour you've painted the loco. I look forward to the next post. I even impressed myself too... as I'd done nothing and rated a mention ;-)

  4. Thanks for your comments gents, much appreciated. It's actually maroon Geoff (not the cane toad shade though!!). NSW never painted it's steamers brown, as far as I know, we had tuscan and indian red, which are sorta brownish, on our diesels but, apart from black, steamers were several different shades of green, royal blue and dark maroon, I think there might have been a couple of red ones over the years, not sure. 3801 is noted for running in 'workshop grey' as well. Most steam loco's were delivered from the builder in grey as well.