Heading North

Whilst the work bench and progress on the cave have been somewhere in between 'quiet' and 'non existent' lately I have made plans to be at the next "Our Town Model Show" at Newcastle.
The last time I was at this show it was manning the Gunning exhibition layout nearly 10 years ago ! I think it was at the basket ball stadium ?
Whilst I have managed to maintain some sanity lately, with regular visits to Bylong and Werris Ck and now that the convention is over for another year, Newcastle will be the clincher beacause it also marks the start of what seems like a long overdue holiday. Just on three weeks of touring the countryside with my wife beside me and camper behind me.
Visits will include the 'real' Werris Ck and railway museum and as many other of our fast disappearing rail infrastructure sites as I can find along the way and ending up at Lightning Ridge. This was one of my Dad's favorite places and we will be scattering some of his ashes over the opal fields.
With still and video cameras along for the ride I hope to have a fair collection of images when I return.
So if you plan on attending Newcastle do stop by the Eureka stand and say G'day !

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