Life can be like that.....

Not the title for my first post I had been expecting after a holiday, nor the content.

After three wonderful weeks away with my wife, visiting some fantastic places, quite a few significant railway locations, collecting a bunch of images and walking the entire perway of Gwabegar with my mate Bob (Coolah Branch blog), I thought that these things, and a few others, would be shared. Instead I will share that last Friday, just 5 months and one day after fare-welling my Dad, my family and I said our farewells to my Mum.

In the same chapel, at the same time, in another beautiful service, led by the same minister to almost the same people, we went through the same painful experience again.

In stark contrast to Dads 8 year battle, Mum suffered a stroke in the early hours of the morning and passed away at 9pm the same night, never regaining consciousness. Francine and I were by her side till the end.

And as a precursor to a wonderful week, last Monday, whilst driving to the funeral directors to make arrangements, we were involved in a 'hit 'n run' accident. A car traveling in the opposite direction, hit a truck, then us and just kept going. Whilst I am thankful no one was hurt I was left speechless and suffering from an acute dose of what-else-can-go-wrong-ittis ! He, or she, never missed a panel down the drivers side of our six month old car, our first new one in 17 years.

I received an email from a friend a few days after Mum passed away and he said "I guess they just wanted to be together on their journey", now this friend never knew Mum, or Dad, so I replied with a grin "if they are indeed continuing their journey, it's a safe bet that they will be arguing about which way to go".

There is one farewell I am definitely looking forward to....2011.

I will miss you Mum.

Mum with my son Andrew. Christmas 2010

Patricia Mary Laker 28/3/1924 - 22/10/2011

Pat and Roy, together 62 years, apart just 4 months and 28 days.


  1. Gary,
    I'm sorry to hear about your Mum....my sympathies to you and your family and hope the rough trot stops soon. Things come in three's as they say.


  2. Gary, I am truly sorry for your loss. No matter when you experience the loss of a parent, nothing could prepare you for it. There is something life changing in it, like the change of the role that you've had before, to what it is now. The memories although sweet, are difficult to contemplate right now. The old adage of ' things getting easier with time' are most relevant now. Your new mantle may sit strangely now, however I'm sure your Mum and Dad will always be proud of the man that you are. All the very best to you and your family, Geoff burns.

  3. Thank you Geoff.
    Very kind and wise words. Even though I turn 50 next year I feel a bit like an orphan now, I'm told that this is not unusual. I have also started cleaning out their house, this has proven more difficult than I anticipated. In this instance, as you so correctly said, time will be an ally.

  4. Gary, mate I just read your Blog and so sorry to see your sad loss.
    Please accept belated condolences my friend.
    Your Shed is a lot further along than my layout- based on SAR of course !
    Geoff Hope ( now VP Hills club - HMRS)

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    1. I would love to be able to put a name and face to this comment ! Help me out here...and thankyou for your thoughts.